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Embark on an epic journey through the vast and dangerous lands of Vana’diel filled with bustling cities and savage beast lands. Our story takes place ten years after the Crystal War. Though the war was devastating for the peoples of Vana’diel, it had finally united the four nations; Bastok, San d’oria, Windurst and Jeuno, giving them cause to stand together in arms against an evil that threatened their world.

Where your story begins
After your last excursion in Valkurm Dunes, you have started to turn some heads. You are summoned to meet with the Captain of the Ducal Guard in the Grand Duchy of Jeuno. A new mission sends you to the Republic of Bastok where you uncover new and startling information that will send your party to a battle on the front lines that was never expected.

You can use this tool to help set up party combinations and determine what skillchains can be completed within your group with ease. Credited to Icydeath for his contribution!

Skillchain Calculator v1.1 

  • Non-Profit Fan-Game based on Final Fantasy XI
  • Experience an expanding RPG that continues to receive regular updates and new content
  • 60+ hours of gameplay
  • Battle Notorious Monsters for rare and exceptional gear
  • Master 21 Jobs in tactical turn-based combat (Now including Beastmaster, Summoner and Puppetmaster!)
  • Skillchain & Magic Burst Weapon Skill System
  • Unique Enemy AI requires the use of all character skills and resources to be managed wisely
  • Use special Limit Break abilities to turn the tide of battle in your favor
  • Level up to earn powerful Passive Abilities and Weapon Skills
  • Dive into an elaborate crafting system
  • Modify your gear to suit your play-style
  • Complete over 60 Side Quests

Join the ~Discord Server~ for access to
- Sneak peaks at upcoming content
- Community Challenges
- Assistance
- Resource
- Discussions with a growing and interactive community

A short article about FFXI Braver

Known Bugs Full list on the Discord Server

If you would like to contact me regarding the game with any questions, bug reports, or general assistance; PM me on discord @ Mithrandir#3610


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FFXI BRAVER Version 1.6.5 Hotfix 3 12/2/22 1 GB

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Is there a way to move save files from 1.6 to 1.6.5?

yes! Copy your save folder, make a backup of it. Download the new project and paste your save file into the new project folder

should be good to go after that

Hello, just reporting that when you complete the Side Quest "In The Name of Science!" in Bastok Metalworks you're also rewarded a nameless Item#551 that cannot be used or sold. This is on version 1.6.

It'd be a lot easier to navigate if party members didn't move on the grid. Especially if you're just playing with the mouse.

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@mithrandir133 the game is awesome but can you created a 5th one will the player create their own characters like the online, if that happen the player will have their own characters by joining to those four characters and that is good to anyone and thanks to the game god bless you and also i love the game

Nothing like that is planned at this time, sorry! Thank you so much for playing and I’m very happy you are enjoying the game!

Just encountered this bug while using Beastmaster If your pet dies while in battle and you try to call another but dismiss it will freeze the game ty and loving the game!

Thanks for the report!


This is the one-year anniversary from me discovering Braver and my previous review way down below doesn't do this game justice, so I'm updating it because I'm still playing this thing.

The game has come leaps and bounds with every update. It introduced the last FFXI jobs that were missing from the original lineup, it added fascinating new systems like Merits for even deeper party dynamics, the world itself has nearly doubled in size, and the creator has started work on a sprawling post-game story with a year of planned updates in the future. Fights are more edge-of-your-seat than ever before, visuals are polished and nostalgic, and there's always something new to discover or a quest to embark on.

Braver is best described as a linear story rpg that takes advantage of the classic final fantasy Job system to an unparalleled degree. You'll constantly be tinkering with equipment and trying new jobs, all thanks to a challenging difficulty curve.
It's polished and welcoming, hard but fair, and understands all the subtleties that make games go from 'good' to 'incredible.' For final fantasy fans, this is the best indie rpg you'll play on itch.

what happen no new update

Patch 1.5.5 will be released June 1st! Really looking forward to this one


we all fans was waiting and we wait

the game is awesome but can you created a 5th one will the player create their own characters like the online, if that happen the player will have their own characters by joining to those four characters and that is good to anyone and thanks to the game god bless you and also i love the game

I have 100+ hours in this game. Both fans of FFXI and of 2D RPGs will enjoy.

Well maintained; it gets regular small updates with fixes, and occasional big updates with new jobs, quests, gear, bosses, areas, and story.

Join the discord for more joy, including community challenges with ingame rewards.


in an age where square is trying to steal your paycheck with half-baked pixel 'remasters,' play a game that has the guts to make you throw your controller across the room in frustration.

cons; some engrish here and there,  enemies oneshot you in the latter half of the game if you don't git gud, random battles are avoidable but can sometimes be tedious due to lack of enemy variety, doing a ten-minute long miniboss fight for no reward captures the true FFXI experience

pros; a monumental work of art from one sleepless genius, turn-based combat that somehow still manages to be gripping and fast-paced, a sprawling world that feels both fresh and original and also somehow an exact replica of the mmorpg, and the best parts of the classic FF games hand-picked to create an altogether amazing experience



Just a really excellent classic-JRPG romp all around. It's best described as a more challenging version of Final Fantasy V (the best 32-bit one imo) but...

- Set in Vanadiel with likable characters, and a storyline that's welcoming of newcomers unfamiliar with the mmo world
- Amazing sound design (nostalgic music and tons of hand-placed and carefully curated beeps and whirrs and kupos)
- With a sprawling amount of job options, character customization, and optional bosses who are ready to put your team to the test.

Probably the best rpg on itch right now, final fantasy or otherwise. This should NOT be a free game, so download it while it still is.

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Hey there, I just played about 3hrs of your game and WELL DONE!  I never played a FF fan game before but really enjoyed this.  Good dialogue and great quest log set-up.  Mapping was done very well too.  I got lost a lot but, hey, I do that in real life too.  :p

Anyways, the game kept my interest so I'll keep playing it.  I did stream it tonight if you want to see my initial impressions but, be warned, it was my first stream.  Hopefully, there's still some useful feedback for you though.

Head-up that the Jukebox in your menu is calling for filenames that have spaces in them so it didn't work.  In case the info helps, The jukebox in the castle worked fine though.  I called it a night but I'll let you know if I find any more bugs.  Have a great night and best of luck on your project!


Hey thank you for checking out my project! I will definitely plan on watching that stream and note / fix any bugs. 

Thanks for the feedback and feel free to hop in the discord. We have a fun and growing community! 

I want to thank Mithrandir from the bottom of my heart for putting so much time into creating this masterpiece! As a fan of this series since its inception and first arriving in the States back in 1990, I've always been left with a void in the numbering since XI and XIV were strictly MMOs and I've never been an MMO player: I'm sure they're fantastic games, but I'm a single player RPG gamer and I've waited nineteen years to learn about FF XI...and now thanks to Mithrandir, I - like many people before me - am falling in love with the world of Vana'diel! This game is so well done and as you play it, you can only marvel at how long it had to take Mith to put this colossal game together! I appreciate your time in doing this so everyone out there can enjoy a single player FF XI experience...and also for the people like me who have never had the opportunity to play it before! Now I can sit back and learn the lore of this fabulous game for the first time! I'm nearing fifty hours and having an absolute blast! And if you're someone reading this comment who hasn't downloaded the game yet...what are you waiting for?! Start downloading now so you can enjoy this amazing ride!

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This game deserves your time and attention. Even if you've never played FFXI, Braver is a free (although you should donate) 60+ hour long rpg with incredible character customization, difficult battles that demand strategy (and a difficulty slider), a full discord of players ready to cheer on your victories, and an active developer that's constantly improving the experience. More stuff to do and explore is being added all the time.

I'd rate this higher than five stars if I could.


As a long time FFXI player that has now got too little time to dedicate to it, FFXI Braver is a gift sent from Altana herself with the help of the creator. To make it simple, coming from a Game design/Animator Background these are my personal and opinion based scores:

Overall: 8/10
Mechanics: 9/10
Music: 7/10
Art: 8/10

My only criticism is the menu and inventory limitations, however that is not the creator's fault and more the system's limitations.

I look forward to more job balances and tweaks as later patches get added.
All in all, this game is great for anyone that has only a couple hours or an entire weekend, as the main story takes only 30 or so hours, however, so much more can be done in terms of meta gaming and optional quests and party experimentation. I am up to 70 hrs...and the nostalgia factor is ever present.

Look forward to more.

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A very enjoyable 30-ish hours of old school JRPG action with FFXI nostalgia.  Game is surprisingly well balanced and writing is passable.  If you're looking for something new set in the FFXI world this is your best option.  Completed the game and did a fair amount of the optional content.


Must play for fans of FFXI who are craving a trip down memory lane.


FFXI Braver is a brilliant recreation of FFXI as a Retro 8bit style RPG.  It captures much of the FFXI experience in ways that will really bring out the nostalgia factor, and its tongue in cheek humor poking fun at the foibles of FFXI and the link shell communities we all had, are spot on.  I've laughed so many times, and more than once I've been on the verge of tears of remembrance for halcyon days gone by.  Truly a work of art, and an homage to one of the first and best MMORPG's ever.  This Retro RPG by Mithrandir133 is absolutely a must play for any lover of Final Fantasy, in any of its incarnations.  The game also has original story content, and keeps the player interested.  The UI is clean, and easy to understand.  The NPC's feel like the original in their manner and writing styles.  Hat's off to Mithrandir133, and his supporters.  Thank you so much, and well done!  

-Zoey Mithra - Carbuncle 2002-2017


A few hours in. Very good fun! It's great not to have to wait 60 seconds for my inventory to load each time I change zone like in the MMO.

Thanks for the comment! Glad you’re enjoying the project :)


Fantastic! i still play FFXI from very long time, playing this game reminded me the old FF games but in Vanadiel! Awesome!!! Thank you!

My pleasure! Glad you're enjoying the experience :)

what OS is needed for this?

Windows OS


So this is like FFXI if it was on the SNES right? A Demake or a retro reimagination? Never played the OG FFXI but your game is solid


Hey, thank you! Yep, you got it. A retro reimagining is pretty spot on! 

so it has the same story?

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No, just set in the same world. Some characters from the game itself make an appearance while others are original characters. The story is original, drawing on lore from source material. 


I've put a few hours into this game so far (7 hours) made it to giddeus, got stuck there for some time...still stuck there XD, but i'm having an absolute blast, my one regret that i have, was not picking it up sooner, i saw a streamer playing it one day and thought "ooh!, that looks fun!." but didn't get it then....i love the combat system and bcnm/notorious monster systems, and i quickly fell in love with the characters ^^, it scratches my itch to play FFXI again, and it reminds me of the classic final fantasy games.

9/10 i consider it an actual final fantasy game :D


Don't let the traditional and simplistic graphics fool you. Braver has a GREAT combat system, fantastic balance overall, likable characters and an engaging story, I'm going to sink a ton of time into this game even without the nostalgia factor.

Mith knows how to make an RPG. I haven't been gripped so quickly by an oldschool rpg in years, and *never* by an rpgmaker one.


Addictive just like FFXI :)
HardReset already pointed out what makes this game so fun, so I'll keep this short.

I've been testing Braver for Mith for a few weeks now and I have already put in over 60hrs. The balance between your party and bosses are spot on. The job system gives you the flexibility to play what you want and how you want to. Even if you have never played Final Fantasy XI, I still recommend you give this game a try.


I've seen this game from the very beginning and it has grown so much.   I've been playing and testing for some years now and Mith has put in a ton of work.  It really has that Final Fantasy XI feeling.  Important characters and zones, especially the major city maps, are all nailed down in this 2d rendition of FFXI.  

The job system is very balanced as every combination I've used so far has been successful.  While combat is standard fare for an rpg, it stays lively with the ctb system and phases of bosses.    Unlocking new jobs in the later game allow for new skills to be constantly  entertaining.

If you ever played FFXI, you will feel right at home with this game.